Automotive Software Updates

We perform software updates on today’s multi-plexed automotive computer systems, and we provide computer replacement with controller initialization on most makes & models. 



What is a software update & when is it needed?

Most manufacturers periodically offer software update bundles to correct or improve many aspects of your vehicle’s operating systems. These include engine controls, body controllers, and transmission control modules. An update is needed when component replacement requires it or when manufacturer bulletins suggest them. In general, we recommend investigating this option as maintenance about every five years unless specifically required.

What types of problems might require an update?

Engine control issues are often flagged with a check-engine light. Sometimes software updates are needed to correct this problem, with or without additional part replacement. Additionally, updates will often prevent or repair a host of driveability issues in conjunction with standard maintenance like fluid flushes and tune-ups.
Body controllers like those for window operation, interior lighting, audio, cruise control, navigation systems, or heating & coolings systems also benefit from updates if available.
Transmission replacements, along with shift quality & shift parameter issues may require new software to perform properly. We have access to most manufacturer update information and the equipment needed to upload & initialize most updates on your vehicle.

Computer Replacement

Sometimes a computer needs replacing. Whether it has failed on its own or been destroyed by a faulty circuit or component that also needs exchange or repair, that computer must be downloaded with the latest available software in order to be installed in your vehicle. Forest Auto has the replacement equipment needed and the software available to take care of this problem on most makes and models.