Although we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins, appointments for state inspections are advised as wait times can be lengthy otherwise. Most inspections take 45 minutes to an hour. Additionally, we can often “work in” a drop off if timed appointments are all booked. Please call to discuss all options with our service writer. 

OIL CHANGES: $39.98 or $59.98 on most makes & models.

Most drivers have been trained to understand the importance of changing their engine oil and filter every 3,000-5,000 miles. Without this regular service, your motor will eventually fail! 

FLUSHES & OTHER FLUIDS: $74.95 to $199.95 depending on system & product used

What drivers may not know is that most of the major systems on a vehicle require similar fluid exchanges including the cooling system, transmission, brake system, power steering, differentials (rear-end), and 4×4 transfer cases. Without eventual service, these systems will cause damage to or reduce the life of the components protected by their particular fluid. We use WYNN products for premium system services, especially when both cleaning & flushing are needed. We also offer standard, economy line quality products for most system flushes, and can advise you based on the condition of your vehicle.

Your owner’s manual is a guide to the frequency of service needed, but each vehicle must be evaluated based on mileage, driving conditions (stop & go vs. highway) and performance (the sound and feel of your car). Our technicians will recommend these services accordingly as part of regular maintenance checking during oil change service.

We also offer several additional lines of premium WYNN products to our customers, including a premium oil flush, a fuel induction service, and a full headlamp restoration. Please inquire with our service writer if you are interested in these services.

Standard Blend Oil Changes

Forest Automotive's supreme oil change service includes a tire rotation, tire pressure monitor reset, & vehicle check-over.  
$54.98 on most makes and models *  
($39.98 without the tire services)

*up to 5 qts. of oil and with non-premium filter

Full Synthetic Oil Changes

We carry each weight for our synthetic services & use factory approved products.  
Supreme Full Synthetic with Full Vehicle Check-over, Tire Rotation, & TPMS reset* runs $74.98* ($59.98 without tire services).
Synthetic services are recommended for customers who want a longer time span between visits - 5,000 to 7,000 miles - & maximize fuel economy and engine performance. They are also required on many newer makes and models.
*most makes & models; up to 5 qts. of oil and with non-premium filter