Garage Cat Recommended for Described Condition

This late 80’s Mazda RX7 was brought in for a no start condition due to excessive fuel/flooding out. It had been sitting for years, and the customer wanted to get it back on the road. After replacing the dead battery, tackling the carburetor was next since it mixes air and fuel in an engine and meters it out precisely. (Carburetors were gradually phased out of automobiles in the mid to late 80’s and replaced with fuel-injection systems, so we rarely see them in use today.) A rebuild was necessary to clean out the passages, replace the carb gaskets & seals, and make manual adjustments to the fuel/air ratio. Once the top was removed to gain access to the fuel bowl, an unexpected sight was revealed–sunflower seeds and shells!! This unusual find may have been the result of a varmint nest in the area though we did not see one. A mouse or chipmunk likely chewed through the air filter at some point in the past and nested above the carburetor. Believe or not, we repair varmint damage to vehicles often. They love to chew on wiring and hoses! If you store vehicles that don’t get run often, we recommend a garage cat. 

Video provided by Forest Automotive: Complete Auto Service and Repair for Forest, Goode, Bedford, and Lynchburg, VA

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