See Why Heater Core Replacement is a HUGE Job . . .

This video shows part of a two-day job replacing a heater core for this Chevrolet.  The entire dash has to be removed and disassembled just to get access to this leaking heater core which has to replaced. The vehicle was brought in for overheating due to low coolant–almost two gallons low!  We couldn’t find the leak in any of the usual spots in the engine (like the head gaskets) but a clue led us to the car interior–heavy steam was accumulating on the inside of the windshield at both hot and cool engine & cabin temperatures.  After investigating, we found the culprit: the heater core leaking into the HVAC housing, unfortunately located inside the dash without an access panel. This  made the job far more costly than the part (usually only about $100), and as you can see, the intensive labor requires a lot of patience and a good memory on the part of the technician.

Video provided by Forest Automotive: Complete Auto Service & Repair in Lynchburg, VA, Forest, VA and Goode, VA


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