Wiring Splice to Save Customer Time/Money

This Dodge truck had a no start condition due to poor/low power to the PCM (power train computer module)–the vehicle’s main computer. Testing showed that there was a circuit fault within the wiring harness, a high-resistance condition that required correction. The collection of wires seen in this video is the wiring harness, and it needed to be either physically replaced (likely several thousand dollars) or the faulty wire needed to be singly traced throughout its entire length to find the problem and then repaired or replaced. Since these wires wrap in and throughout the entire engine compartment, with little to no access, this is also a high-dollar, labor intensive repair. In order to save the customer time and money, we requested authorization to instead splice in a redundant circuit from the IPDM (intelligent power distribution module) box to the PCM, restoring power and correcting the no-start condition for a fraction of the time and money. Problem solved!

Video provided by Forest Automotive: Complete Auto Service and Repair for Forest, Goode, Bedford, and Lynchburg, VA

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