Differential Seal Leak Needs Attention to Avoid More Costly Future Repair

Noticed during an oil change/vehicle check over, this video shows a failed differential stub axle seal leaking differential fluid. Without seal attention/replacement, the differential will eventually fail due to loss of lubrication. (The differential is a set of gears allowing a vehicle’s driven wheels to revolve at different speeds when going around corners. It is a necessary component for torque transfer and overall driving. Your car will not “go” if this system fails.) Knowing about this leak will save this customer from a catastrophic repair. Replacement of a differential system usually runs between $1,200 to $3,000 but can be avoided if properly maintained. It is uncommon for them to ever fail unless they are leaking fluid. A seal repair such as this would only run a few hundred dollars and topping off fluid before that repair would likely run less than $50. Make sure your technician regularly inspects the undercarriage of your vehicle so you are aware of impending repairs that will save you money in the long run.

Video provided by Forest Automotive: Complete Auto Service and Repair for Forest, Lynchburg, Bedford, & Goode, VA

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