Kinked Brake Hose

This vehicle came in for braking problems after the brakes were replaced elsewhere. Upon removing the wheels for a thorough inspection, we found the brake hose & caliper twisted/kinked. This very common condition can occur when replacing the brake pads if the caliper is reinstalled improperly, an easy mistake to make. It will allow the braking system to work but causes performance issues like pulling on one side, brake noise, & excessive heat that will warp the rotor. If you notice strange vehicle behavior after a brake job, it’s a good idea to visually inspect the hoses and calipers to make sure they are installed without twists or kinks. Brakes are not only your vehicle’s most important safety item, they are also a more complicated system than many folks realize, and there are many different parts that need to be inspected and maintained.

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  1. My daughter told me that her car has been making squeaking and grinding noises when she brakes now. Your information that installing the caliper wrong could warp the rotor or cause the car to pull to one side is very helpful. Knowing that we could make this mistake by replacing the brakes ourselves, we’ll look into a quality auto shop in our area.

  2. I like what you said about getting your brake hose inspected if you have any performance issues with your brakes. My wife has been telling me about how her brakes have been making some loud noises, and she wants to make sure that her car is still in good condition. I’ll pass this article along to her so that she can look further into her options for getting her brakes looked at.

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