Strange Debris Lodged in IAC Motor!

Video of debris caught in IAC motor. 

A Toyota Tundra came in with a very high idle, around two thousand RPM.  Normal is around 700 RPM. The idle seemed to be stuck at this high RPM. After checking for vacuum leaks, none were found, but after scanning for idle control counts, data suggested there was a problem in the IAC (idle control motor). After taking control of the ECM (computer) using bi-directional controls on the scanner, no change could be performed; therefore,  all signs pointed to a mechanical failure within the IAC.  After removing the throttle body to gain access to the IAC motor, debris was found stuck in the actuator causing the idle to be stuck and uncontrollable. The debris appeared to be a piece of hard plastic that had been blown into the intake . . . crazy find! Unique video shows anything can happen.  Fortunately, as soon as the debris was physically removed, everything worked fine–no damage was caused to any parts.

Video provided by Forest Automotive: Complete Auto Service & Repair for Lynchburg, VA and Forest, VA.

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