Why Honda Owners Should Flush Transmission Fluid Regularly!

This early 2000 Honda Accord was originally brought in for a bad axle, which had completely broken so the vehicle would run but could not pull (meaning drive forward). After replacing the axle, there was still a problem with the transmission slipping. It had no power or pull at low RPM’s (meaning it required heavy acceleration to move at all). Once the axles all checked out as good and since the transmission fluid level was fine indicating no external leaks, the only remaining cause was internal damage/wear.  Unfortunately this transmission had worn out and needed to be rebuilt or replaced; this car was not worth the cost of the additional repairs. Transmission slippage is a common problem for high mileage Accords because this make and model has no serviceable transmission filter. Without regular transmission fluid flushes, dirt and debris accumulate inside and stop up or restrict the internal filter causing lack of fluid to the pump and low pressure. Unlike most other makes, most Hondas have no serviceable transmission filters, so pay close attention to this important service. We recommend flushing the transmission fluid every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Video provided by Forest Automotive: Complete Auto Service and Repair for Forest, Lynchburg, Bedford, & Goode, VA

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