Thorough Cleaning Finds Multiple Leaks on a Chevrolet Corvette

This video shows multiple power steering leaks on a 1980 Chevy Corvette Stingray.  The customer brought the car in for a power steering leak, which primarily seemed to be coming from the pump area. However, after thoroughly cleaning the undercarriage and waiting for everything to dry, several leaks were found.  There was a large leak at the pump, a large leak on a failed high pressure power steering hose, a small leak on the return hose, and a leaking control valve!  This is the type of situation that could have resulted in several come backs, causing frustration and inconvenience to our customer.  When diagnosing leaks, it is always best to spend the time & money to properly clean all system components before making a repair. Fortunately, this customer was willing to be patient and pay for the time involved to accurately pinpoint four different problems at the start.

Video provided by Forest Automotive:  Complete Auto Service & Repair in Lynchburg VA and Forest VA

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