Multiple Brake Safety Issues Found on Farm-Use Vehicle

Because Virginia does not require annual state inspections on farm-use vehicles, several serious brake safety issues were found all at one time on this farm truck.  The first issue is a badly kinked brake hose line assembly which can create a dangerous pulling condition or complete failure when braking. The next concern is worn out rear brake shoes–gone all the way down into the rivets. This decreases friction, thereby compromising braking performance. Finally, there is a broken self-adjusting brake cable which allows too much brake pedal travel since it is no longer adjusting the shoe tension.  Any of these conditions is a safety concern normally caught by an annual state inspection before all three would happen at once.  Thankfully, this truck owner brought his vehicle in when he heard a lot of noise coming from his rear brakes and was able to get repairs made in time to avoid danger. The hydraulic braking system was also in need of flushing due to wear and tear.

Video provided by Forest Automotive: Complete Auto Service and Repair in Lynchburg, VA and Forest, VA

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